Love Local

Love Local

Learn to love, live, and serve right here in Waco through Local Ministries!

What if Waco were a little different by the time you graduated because you chose to invest in someone's life? What if you were transformed because of the time you gave each week? There are countless opportunities for you to love your neighbor and Love Where You Live through Urban Missions and Youth Ministry Teams (YMTs).

Urban Missions

Baylor Urban Missions partners with Waco organizations and churches to provide opportunities for students to engage in the greater Waco community through relationship building and service.

We believe God calls us to love our neighbor and Urban Missions seeks to facilitate this as we provide opportunities to engage in weekly service.

Our teams are student-led and partner with community organizations in Waco to support the great work they are doing. All Baylor students are invited to join a team and serve consistently with that team all year long.

Requirements for volunteering vary on a team-by-team basis so interested students can explore teams and contact team leaders here.

Youth Ministry Teams

Youth Ministry Teams help students experience spiritual formation through hands-on ministry engagement and exposure to varied theological perspectives and spiritual disciplines.

Teams are student-led groups of undergraduates who provide a variety of resources for churches while seeking practical youth ministry experience. Each team is composed of 15 to 20 students gifted in guiding small groups, speaking/preaching, organizing recreation, and/or leading worship.

Missions & Public Life

Bobo Spiritual Life Center
500 Speight Ave.
Waco, TX 76798

(254) 710-3517