Pictures from Baylor Missions trips

Friends! Welcome Back! We loved following your journey online & can't wait to hear more stories about your experiences!
We know you took some AMAZING pics & vids from your BUMissions trip--we see them all over Facebook and Instagram, thanks for sharing!
(feel free to go back and tag us @bumissions & #BearsOnMission for when we search!)

We need some high-quality photos and videos for the Baylor website, new print material, and the Baylor Magazine..just to name a few :)
We'll also use them on our Facebook and Instagram @bumissions in the year ahead! We want your team's story to be represented! 

the shots we're looking for...
-Baylor students INTERACTING with community members
-lots of smiles
-ACTION SHOTS of your team working on projects 
-the occasional SicEm pic
-if people are wearing Baylor t-shirts even better lol

if you've got any videos you can upload them too or send a link!
Thanks for all your help in telling the Baylor Missions story to the Baylor Nation & Beyond.