Upperclassmen STUDENT LEADER Applications

Want to be an upperclassmen student leader? Apply HERE by March 31st

Our program is currently looking for three to four dynamic student leaders who have already held leadership positions on campus or are past participants in “LCG". These student leaders will be facilitating a small group of up to seven incoming students, as we work as a team to serve malnourished children in Guatemala alongside Orphan’s Heart International. The trip will be taking place from July 26-August 3, 2018. Student leaders will not be required to take a leadership course in the spring of 2018, but monthly meetings and summer online activities will be required to insure our student leaders are well prepared to lead a small group in a developing country. This program is designed to not only provide a mission experience for incoming students, but also an opportunity for our student leaders to experience another country while furthering their leadership abilities and cross cultural competency.

There is no compensation for this trip, but student leaders who actively fundraise will have access to partial scholarships that will go towards the total cost of the mission trip (estimating $2500 before scholarships).

Any questions about the application or the trip as a whole will be directed to Holly Tate, Assistant Director for Missions

More info about the trip and our itinerary:

Link to Student Leader Application Apply HERE by March 31st