2020-2021 Proposal Process

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We are excited about your interest in leading a mission trip with Baylor Missions in 2020 - 2021! The Deadline for proposals is August 1, 2020 for all teams. Our staff is here to help you every step of they way!
These tutorials answer many of the questions you'll have throughout the process. Please set aside time to watch these 15 minute tutorials specific for International, Domestic, and Student Org proposals.

To access the missions proposals, go to https://bearquest.baylor.edu (accessible to Baylor F/S only) (Start a Request>Domestic/International Travel>Mission Trip Proposal) PLEASE REVIEW VIDEO TUTORIAL BEFORE STARTING!

  • 2018-2019 Proposal Outline (Editable)
    Sample Proposal (pdf)
  • You can work on it in sections & come back later to finish by returning to the website above, clicking on "My Tasks" and clicking the green gear next to your proposal to edit. (NOTE: if 2 leaders, 1 F/S fill out on behalf of team. Unfortunately the system doesn’t have a collaborative feature)
  • If you are a student leader for a student org trip, contact Jill for a template and sample, so you can assist your faculty sponsor in filling out the online forms since you won't have access.
  • Don’t forget! Once you submit the proposal it’ll AUTOMATICALLY send it to the following people for approval (YOUR Chair/Dept. Head, then Dean). It will send them an email for approval in BearQuest. MAKE SURE THEY KNOW ABOUT YOUR TRIP & TO REVIEW IT ON BQUEST. If they do not approve it..or don’t know they need to approve it…it will delay your trip’s approval. Also, If there is academic credit, it will also go on to the Office of the Provost. Final approvals will come from the Assistant Dean of Spiritual Life, Vice Provost for Global Engagement, Vice President for Student Life & if a high travel risk…the University President.
    Proposals must be in the BearQuest system by August 1  to be considered for 2020-2021 travel (meaning the team leader has finished/submitted the proposal and digital signatures are moving forward)



    HELP ME!
    We know new systems are always a little tricky, so please let us know how we can help you along the way! If you have any issues, questions , or want advice on how to answer anything along the way, we're here to help via phone, email, or in person!

    Contact Jill Hatcher Assistant Director for Missions: Global Logistics to work through the proposal together before the deadline above, We more than happy to help in that way!