What Students are Saying

"An incoming freshman should attend Line Camp Guatemala because it is line camp to a whole new level. I attended the traditional line camp and the memories/ relationships I made there are nothing in comparison to the ones in Guatemala. The mission trip redirected my gaze at what I want college life to be for me and surrounded me with a group of people that feel the same way. It was truly the best experience of my life."-Madison Godsey, c/o 2020

"Somebody should go on LCG 2017 because it truly is a once in a life time experience. They will discover so much about themselves and their new peers more than ever. I know I learned a lot about my heart and the way I serve and also got to learn from the other people on the trip. It's such a meaningful experience. And it's something awesome that only you and your LCG group share at Baylor. We all have that connection. It really prepared my heart well for entering in to these 4 years at Baylor." -Caroline Mitchell c/o 2020

"Probably one of the most life changing events I've ever experienced, everyday I think about how much I wish I could be back there!" Claire Costanza c/o 2020

"This trip was meaningful for me because it totally solidified that I am supposed to be at Baylor. Being able to go to another country and serve with Baylor, a campus I hadn't even set foot on as a true student, is an incredible testimony to Baylor's willingness to help students find God's calling on their lives and live out their faith." -Cameron Forbes c/o 2020

"As I sit here right now, I am waiting on three people to get to Moody library to study together, something we do almost every night during the week. These three people are some of the best people I know, and I met them all on the Line Camp Guatemala trip. Being in that environment with such amazing people was sure to produce some amazing friendships. I've always said that it doesn't matter how much time we have known someone, but that what's important is how well that time was spent, and I am closer already to some of the people from LCG than I am with my friends from back home that I have known for years. In addition, getting that head start with missions at Baylor was invaluable, and will continue proving to be so throughout my undergraduate career and beyond." -Garrett Burton c/o 2020

"If you have a passion for serving others, you should go on this trip. If you are doubting God in anyway, you should go on this trip. If you want to physically see God working in the lives of others, you should go on this trip. If you want to see and experience a new and incredible culture, you should go on this trip. If you know that life is more than just fancy things and "getting yours", you should go on this trip." -Taliyah Clark c/o 2017

"This trip changed my life, as did others I think, too. The relationships you build not only with the kids you could have a chance at working with, but also with your peers and leaders are something really awesome. LCG and the people on the trip pushed me to want to further pursue being a faithful servant of God and his people, as well as just making me fall in love with Baylor all over again. It's also a great way to start your school year- it sort of mentally prepares you for being away from home and out of your comfort zone. This trip was an incredible opportunity and I don't think anyone should miss out on it if they get the chance." -Kaley VanValkenburg c/o 2020