Financial Policies

2018-2019 BU Missions Financial Policies Disclosure

These policies have been designed to protect both the trip participants & the University from unnecessary financial liability. Please read each item carefully & electronically sign the form on BearsAbroad when you are finished. If you have questions about our financial policies, please contact BU Missions at 254-710-3517.

Payment Options:

(available for all teams EXCEPT: any Nursing team, Uganda Accounting & Business (May), England & Scotland Business Interdisciplinary (SB)--talk to your team leader for payment deadlines & payment options)
  • Online Credit-Card Payment (via (exception for Accounting & Nursing Teams; contact team leader for payment info!);
  • Check: Made out to "Baylor University";
  • Cash in an envelope with your Name, Team, & Amount on it. Turned in during normal business hours to BUMissions (Bobo Spiritual Life Center Room 116)


deadlines for payments can be found on our website: for easy reference. You can contact for updates to your account. If you are going on any of the following teams, contact your team leader for updates or deadline info (Nursing teams, Uganda Accounting & Business (May), England & Scotland Business Interdisciplinary (SB)


There is no guarantee, that in any situation or at any time, that a student could be refunded any amount of his/her trip fee. But, in the case of disaster, hardship, death of an immediate family member, personal health crisis, or other such events, Baylor Missions will attempt to refund the student as much of the trip fee as possible, depending on the amount of costs incurred for the program (ie. any fares or cancellation fees incurred by the airline or other accommodations, administration fees, or scholarships). Baylor Missions will make no attempt to refund a student in the case of other reasons including change of mind, change of family plans, or change of career or school. (IMPORTANT Note: A student is ONLY eligible for a refund if their account has been paid ENTIRELY through payments.

Fundraising Policies

Using a team approach to fundraising establishes community within teams as they prepare for their mission projects. Team fundraising also has practical benefits. Historically, the majority of students participating in mission projects raise more financial support through a combined approach of both personal & team fundraising than they would when fundraising on their own. Fundraising policies & procedures will be provided to each participant & will contain more detailed information about the process.

What is a DONATION?

  • A donation is any check, cash or money that is NOT designated for a particular individual.
  • *All monies raised through team fundraising events & turned into BU Missions are considered team funds.* Donations are non-refundable to students.
  • No individual name can appear on a check given as a donation to Baylor University. If a name does appear on the check, it is no longer considered a donation but a payment.
  • Donations are designated for a team fund & are allotted to team members according to the team leader's discretion.
  • Donations are tax-deductible & the Baylor Gift Office will send a gift receipt.
  • Donations are non-refundable.

What is a PAYMENT?

  • A payment is any money that is designated for a specific individual.
  • A payment will have the name of the individual student written on the check or gift.
  • A payment is only applied to a student's individual balance, not the team's.
  • A payment is NOT tax-deductible.
  • Payments are only refundable after all unrecoverable expenses are paid & can only be refunded to the individual that made the payment.