Team Leader Manual

Dear Team Leaders,

We are honored to partner with you to create an once-in-a-lifetime missions experience! We do not take it for granted that you will sacrifice time, energy, and resources to take on this endeavor. Our team at Baylor Missions commits to you to do the same.

In the weeks and months ahead we will have many opportunities to plan, pray, and prepare together. We encourage you to take full advantage of those opportunities and all available resources from Baylor Missions. One valuable resource is this digital team leader’s manual. We have combined our collective knowledge and experience with outside sources to provide you with a "go to" guide as you plan and implement your trip.

For all questions, concerns, or ideas that are not included in this manual, please feel free to contact our staff. We are here to serve you as we all serve our students. We want you to be successful and empowered.

Please know that we are praying for you as you prepare and lead students on this life-changing adventure. It is our hope that the students on your team not only enjoy the experience, but also discover a sense of vocation and calling as they see first-hand how they can use their skills and passions to serve around world.

Baylor Missions Team Leader Handbook


(2018 update includes all sections below)

  • Section 1: Expectations

    Includes: Purpose, Guiding Principles, Learning Goals & Outcomes, Tem Leader Grant Covenant, Role of a Team Leader, Role of Baylor Missions, & the "Non-Negotiables"

  • Section 2: Planning

    Includes: Publicity & Recruitment, Travel Policies,& Financial Policies

  • Section 3: Preparations Includes: Making Trip Plans, Helping students prepare, and Support Raising 101.

  • Section 4: The Final Countdown

    Includes: Finalizing the Itinerary, Trip Notebooks,Tickets & Documents, and Airport Procedures.

  • Section 5: Emergencies

  • Section 6: Debriefing & Reflection
  • Includes: Public Deliberation Initiative (PDI), Debriefing, and Coming Home.