Financial & Fundraising Info

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Student cost for 2019 is = $2,115

Total is $2,350 MINUS Supplement (aka auto-scholarship) of -235 

Breakdown of Payments

click here to view breakdown of payments and financial policies (important read, especially for mom & dad!)
  • April 24 = $250 (non-refundable deposit to hold your seat on the plane!)
  • May 29 = $932.50
  • June 26 = $932.50
How do I make Payments

for list of all payment options, visit

The Trip Cost Includes:

Essentially, when you are on the trip, the only expenses you are responsible for are snacks/extra drinks, if you want to buy a line camp jersey or souvenirs.

  • Round Trip airfare from DFW to GUA (we will travel as a team to & from Guatemala. If you are coming from another city, you'll need to fly to DFW (or DAL and take an uber to hotel!) on FRIDAY 7/26 to be at the hotel to meet up with the rest of the team by no later than 4-5pm and fly out of DFW/DAL the NEXT FRIDAY 8/2 at least 3 HOURS after we arrive back at DFW. Flight schedule coming soon!)
  • Hotel/Lodging (1 night in DFW + 5 nights Hotel in Antigua, Guatemala)
  • Transportation (in country covered)(transportation to Dallas varies based on hometown. No transportation provided by Baylor to get to DFW Hyatt Place or back to Waco post-trip. We will help you make arrangements with teammates to carpool if needed.)
  • All Meals and PLENTY of bottled water!
  • Debriefing Activities (ie. zipling!)
  • Programming (special projects, etc.)
  • International Medical Insurance
  • Miscellaneous Supplies & Swag (ie. journals, tshirt)

**Note: Every Baylor student traveling abroad MUST carry a cell phone that works in country. Since there are several options for achieving this goal, the cost of the cell phone has not been included in the overall trip cost.**

What About Fundraising?!

Absolutely! we highly recommend that students actively fundraise for their trip. We'll walk you through that process! ALSO, we have financial supplements available for all students after they've made their first full payment. NOTE: your FASFA status does not impact your ability to get these funds..all are eligible!) Don't let the pricetag scare you from applying! Baylor Missions will set you up for success!

To set up your mobile cause account click here for a tutorial! For more general info on support raising & letter writing click here 

Sending out letters? Send this Donor Form with any letters so that your donors can send back to Baylor and we'll track it. (Write your name on the form!)

Got questions about payments or support raising or need someone to proof or help you with your letter writing? Contact