Online Interest Meetings 

2018 Virtual Interest Meeting via Facebook..a couple things are changing for 2019 but still worth the watch!


Trip Dates

July 26-August 2, 2019 (actual dates in Guatemala July 27-August 2; On July 26, all students will need to arrive in Dallas at Hyatt Place DFW for team prep see detailed itinerary. Students' DFW Friday night shared, hotel room is covered in trip cost. Parents are welcome to stay the night as well at their own cost.)



DYN that Antigua is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Aka super old & super cool! check out this vid

learn more about the community we'll be serving with through One More Child Global. 


Our team will be staying at the beautiful (& safe!) Hotel Soleil outside of Antigua. All meals, daily transportation, & great Wifi included.

Flight Information *students are required to fly to & from DFW with the team as part of our group contract. 

Saturday, July 27th AA1025

DFW 9am > Guatemala City 11:22 am

Friday, August 2nd AA1188

Guatemala City 7 am > DFW 11:40 am (if you need to fly out after this flight, do not schedule more than 2-3 hours prior to arrival at DFW: aka 2ish)

What Will We Be Doing in Guatemala?

During the day, Students will be serving in various volunteer opportunities at Colonia Infantil, a malnutrition center in San Juan, to help meet the needs of children suffering from malnutrition. In addition to spending time helping and playing with the kids, there will also be gardening, maintenance, light construction, and organizational projects around the community that students can assist with. There's something for everyone! The Center currently has around 40 children in its care ranging from newborn to 10 years of age. The children in the care of the Center are not true orphans. All of the children have families – their families are simply unable to provide a sufficient amount of food for their children.

For more information about what we'll be doing, download the One More Child Guatemala Manual to learn more about where you'll be serving (& what to pack!).


Open to all incoming students (both traditional & transfer students) & all majors! There is an application process. All applications are due by April 22 (Early Acceptance of 4.18). We will select up to 25 students to participate. There are also select upperclassmen student leaders who will be line camp leaders for the team--helping you to prepare for the trip, fundraise, & serve together in Guatemala. No money due with application BUT $250 non-refundable deposit will be due ASAP if you are accepted to hold your spot.

Can I attend both the mission trip AND a Traditional Line Camp?

SURE CAN! make sure to sign up for both if that's your desire. They both are unique Baylor traditions. Last year, the majority of our participants did both programs. NOTE: if you get a line camp jersey at traditional line camp, you will not receive a 2nd one at LCG. We'll ask you about this again later this summer. 


How Much Does it Cost?

Total is $2,350 MINUS Supplement (aka auto-scholarship) of -235 SO, Student cost for 2019 is = $2,115

students are encouraged to fundraise on mobile cause (tax-deductable gift to Baylor) OR gofundme (not-tax deductible; student will make payment to BU)


Breakdown of Payments

click here to view breakdown of payments and financial policies


  • Student cost is = $2,115

    April 24 = $250 (non-refundable deposit)

    May 29 = $932.50

    June 26 = $932.50


    How do I make Payments

    for list of all payment options, visit


    What About Fundraising?!

    Absolutely! we highly recommend that students actively fundraise for their trip. We'll walk you through that process! NOTE: your FASFA status does not impact your ability to get these funds..all are eligible!) Don't let the price tag scare you from applying! Baylor Missions will set you up for success! For more info on support raising click here

    You can also sign up to use Baylor's mobile giving software MOBILE CAUSE to track who's donating towards the trip through the app. start your account here!

    Get More Info! Contact Baylor Missions!