Final Itinerary Help

No later than 30 days prior to departure, the following pre-departure processes must be submitted to Baylor Missions for Risk Management and Baylor Media release purposes. Qs? and final itineraries should be submitted to Codie Robinson


Final Itinerary*due 30 days prior to departure to Codie

DOMESTIC Trips: two parts!

Final Itinerary" *due 30 days prior to departure to Codie

Domestic Travel Process *due no later than 14 business days prior to departure directly to Risk Management!

Things that you already have that will help you fill out final itineraries:

-->Your Proposal (you've already answered some of these questions before for BearQuest)

-->Working Itinerary (unlike the proposal, the final itinerary needs to be a DETAILED view of what your schedule looks like. Do you have to have every minute of every day figured out? No. We understand that you have to have flexibility and that dates/things may change, BUT your partnerships & locations (cities) will not. If a location is NOT on your final itinerary, then you do not have Baylor's permission to go there (ex. If you said you are only going to locations in southern Kenya, but end up taking a day trip near the border of South Sudan where there is safety issues, we have not approved that…so don't go!).

-->Contact Info for your ministry partners (phone numbers, websites & emails for sure!) This will be used in case of emergencies as well as helping to build our database of global partnerships

After you finish, email Final Itinerary to Codie Robinson and we’ll review (Missions & Emergency/Risk Management) and include a copy in your team leader notebook.