Education & Tutorials

Emmanuel ESL Ministry

We teach English to under-resourced Hispanic adults from the Waco community. These are adults who have lived in the United States for several years now and have not had the opportunity to learn English or continue to need additional help and practice with their conversational skills. Many ESL (English as a Second Language) classes are expensive and this serves as a free replacement. At Emmanuel you get to practice Spanish, help someone else learn English, and invest yourself in a new part of Waco. 

         Wednesdays: 6:15-8pm

         Student Leader(s):

ACE Tutoring @ G.W. Carver Middle School

G.W. Carver is a middle school within Waco Independent School District. This year the school is recreating and emphasizing its after-school programs in hopes of increasing students’ success both inside and outside of the classroom. This team will be responsible for some tutoring and recreation with students, but especially fostering mentoring relationships in both individual and group settings. This team is perfect for anyone who loves working with teenagers, is considering future counseling or educational careers, or wants to make a new friend.

         Tuesdayss: 4:15-6:45 pm

         Student Leader(s):

         Wednesdays: 4:15 - 6:45 pm

         Student Leader(s):