Special Needs Ministry

Friends for Life

We serve at Friends for Life, an adult day care, twice a week. Students can serve on either day of the week. Both teams go to FFL with a special craft and often have a great time completing this art project with clients. We also spend time building getting to know the clients and having fun. If you join us, sometimes you may end up spending most of your time talking with a small group or playing a card game. We also help with other events for people with special needs, including hosting a dance each semester. Once each semester, we host a dance for the special needs community of Central Texas in Russell Gym. It's a great way to create a fun and safe atmosphere for all! Volunteers are needed to set up, tear down, and hang out and have a good time at the dance.

         Mondays: 3:45-4:45pm

         Student Leader(s): douglas_bettarelli1@baylor.edu darcy_wells1@baylor.edu

         Thursdays: 3:30-4:30pm

         Student Leader(s): douglas_bettarelli1@baylor.edu darcy_wells1@baylor.edu