BU Missions Release Form

Your Baylor Mission Trip is just around the corner! Excited?! So are we! Just a couple more things to turn in and you'll be one step closer to adventure!

Digital Forms are MANDATORY for all participants, leaders, & guests and due no less than 30 days prior to departure


To access the forms:


  • go to your account at

    (login is same as getting into your Baylor Email)


    *note, faculty leaders have an extra step! you have to click on the little house on the left side of the black bar and click "applicant" to see what students see!



    • Find your Team on the applicant homepage & click to view materials & questionaires


    • Under Materials (International teams only): Digitally sign:

      Form A: Adult Participation General Release and Indemnification Agreement

      Form B: Medical Release;

      Form C: Baylor Code of Conduct acknowledgement


    • Under Questionaires (both International & Domestic): fill out Adult Medical Information and Release (to let us know stuff to keep you healthy on the trip!)




    If you are a Non-BU Participant/Guest

    please email MISSIONS@BAYLOR.EDU to get a .doc copy you can sign & send back to Baylor



    NOTE TO BU EMPLOYEES: If you are traveling with technology owned by Baylor:

    Export License Exception Certificate

    What is this? In order to travel abroad with Baylor owned technology (like a Baylor iPhone or Laptop), you have to fill out this form saying what kinds of communication technology you are taking out of the country. Ex. iPad, iPhone, Droid, cell phone, laptop...anything that can store or transmit information. If you don't know right now, just write phone in that space. All students/faculty/staff that have Baylor owned items have to have this form along with the other release forms




    If you have any issues accessing any of the forms, contact Holly Tate for assistance