Military Studies

What Is Military Studies?

Military Studies (MILS) is an interdisciplinary program with the primary focus of educating students about military practices and institutions throughout history and around the world to prepare them for worldwide leadership and service.  While such programs emphasize the study of warfare (regular and irregular), it does not limit itself just to analyzing certain official and recognizable armed conflicts; instead, this topic includes many factors beyond the traditional battlefield such as diplomacy, leadership, ethics, health, and public service which affect and are affected by military undertakings.  It also involves the people who participate in military activities, directly or indirectly, and seeks to understand and learn from their experiences.

Who can enroll in Military Studies?

Anyone!  You do not have to be in any particular college or major, nor must you be a member of ROTC.  As long as you have an interest in anything to do with the military, you are welcome to join.