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Financial Information

Tuition scholarships

Tuition scholarships for two years of 18 hours of credit during the regular school year are available to superior students. (For the 2013-2014 school year a credit hour costs $1357, making the scholarship worth $24,426 per year.) Student fees are not included in the tuition scholarship. Tuition scholarships are also available for those needing to take French to fulfill their second romance language requirement during the summer between their first and second years.

Teaching assistantships

Graduate Teaching Assistantships are available to superior students on a competitive basis. The department is usually able to offer several assistantships including both a tuition scholarship and a stipend award. University student fees are not included in these awards and must be paid by students at registration.

In the first year, teaching assistants complete fifteen hours per week in the following areas: class observations, teacher assistantships, tutoring and conversation aide. After earning 18 hours of graduate credit, teaching assistants normally teach one Spanish course that meets five hours per week each semester in their second year.

We want to point out that living expenses in Waco, Texas are very favorable when compared to almost any geographic location in the country (  Living expenses in Boston, MA, for example, are 49.2% more compared with living expenses in Waco. Living expenses in Ann Arbor, Michigan, are 26.2% more compared with living expenses in Waco. Even in Texas, living expenses in Austin are 13.3% higher compared with living expenses in Waco.

Comparing different levels of support offered by different Universities in different geographical locations is difficult. Within the state of Texas, Baylor University offers another significant advantage over state Universities offering the M.A. degree. Students enrolling at state universities in Texas must pay their tuition out of their stipend/assistantship awards; at Baylor, tuition is fully covered by the tuition awards that accompany assistantship awards. We believe that Baylor University and Waco, Texas offer significant financial advantages for students seeking a comfortable and affordable living environment.

Other Sources of Funding

At the time of admission, those students with outstanding academic records and unusual achievement on the GRE are eligible for enhancements of their stipends, funded by the Graduate School. The Dean of the graduate school determines all such awards at the request of the graduate program director. In the past these have been for between $1000 and $5000, all in addition to the regular assistant stipend.

Many graduate students also receive other resources for funding their education at Baylor University. Examples of such sources include work study programs, Stafford loans, private scholarships and private loans.

For information on such sources, please contact the office of Academic Scholarships and Financial Aid at:
Office of Academic Scholarships and Financial Aid
PO Box 97028
Waco, Texas 76798-7028
(254) 710-2611 1-800-BAYLOR-U FAX (254) 710-2695
E-Mail Address:
Web Site:

Travel awards

The graduate school offers support of travel to professional meetings for presentations.

During the 2011-2012 academic year the Graduate School supported five different occasions in which graduate students presented across the country. Individual conferences are limited to $300 but a total of $600 may be awarded to a student per school year.