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Courses Available for Graduate Credit

4303 Spanish Phonology and Morphophonology
The sounds of Spanish and the formation of its words, and the relationship between these two, morphophonology. It includes pronunciation and transcription of Spanish.

4304 Spanish Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics
Spanish word order, the study of sentence entities, the meaning of words, and elements of conversational performance including understanding and appropriateness.

4330 Advanced Grammar, Composition, and Conversation
A review of grammar applied to the writing of compositions and conversational practice. Emphasis on writing style, practical and cultural topics, dialogues, and interviews.

4362 Spanish Drama of the Golden Age
Representative playwrights of seventeenth-century Spain; extensive study of selected works. Lectures, reports, class discussion, and term papers.

4363 Cervantes
Study of the major works of Cervantes with emphasis on Don Quijote, the cultural milieu of sixteenth and seventeenth-century Spain, and the views of present-day literary critics. Lectures, class discussions, oral reports, and term papers.

4364 Nineteenth-Century Spanish Literature
Representative plays, poems, essays, and novels from nineteenth-century Spanish literature, emphasizing in-depth analysis of texts.

4366 Twentieth-Century Spanish Literature
Study of representative poets, playwrights, and novelists of this century. Lectures, student reports, class discussions, and term papers.

4372 Latin American Shory Story
An in-depth study of outstanding eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century Latin American short stores in light of current practice and trends in literary analysis.

4375 Contemporary Spanish-American Theater
Major trends of Spanish-American theater as reflected in the works of major contemporary playwrights. Readings, lectures, and reports.

4376 The Spanish-American Novel
A study of the origins and development of the Spanish-American Novel (from 1816-1915). A study of the main literary movements as reflected or found in the novel, culminating in an approved paper or project.

4378 Latin American Poetry
An overview of poetic trends in Latin American literature from pre-Hispanic times to the twentieth century.

4388 Topics in Hispanic Language and Literature
A study of an author, work, period, genre, or current of Hispanic literature or of an aspect of the Spanish language. Topic changes from semester to semester. May be repeated for credit if topic is different.

5302 Literary Theory, Research, and Writing
Theories and models of literary criticism, as well as library resources and their use applied to the analysis of texts in Spanish to produce scholarly papers.

5310 Medieval Spanish Literature
A study of Spanish literature from the end of the first millennium through the consolidation of the various Spanish kingdoms under Ferdinand and Isabella.

5315 16th and 17th Century Spanish Literature
Representative works of poetry, prose narrative, and dram from Boscan to Calderon. Close reading of texts with special attention to major historical, artistic, and literary trends of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

5324 Spanish Poetry and Drama: 19th and 20th Centuries
Major historical and literary movements and major historical, literary, and artistic figures of nineteenth and twentieth-century Spain. Analysis of texts through close reading.

5326 19th and 20th Century Spanish Narrative
This course is an introduction to the major movements andwriters of prose fiction in Spainin the last two hundred years.

5331 Latin American Colonial Literature
This course is designed to give an overview of literarytrends in Hispanic-American literature from pre-Hispanic times to theeighteenth century.

5334 Latin American Romanticism to Modernism
This course is designed as a survey of the Latin Americannovel, short-story, poetry, and the theater from the nineteenth century to thefirst half of the twentieth century.

5335 Latin American Literature Trends: Early to Mid 20th Century
This course is designed as a survey of the LatinAmerican novel, short-story, poetry and theater of the first half of thetwentieth century

5337 Latin American Literature Trends: Mid 20th Century to Present
This course is designed as a survey of the Latin Americannovel, short-story, poetry, and the theater form the second half of thetwentieth century to the present.

5350 Introduction to Romance Linguistics
An introductory course for the field of linguistics and its components: phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and language change.

5351 History of the Spanish Language
Historical developments of the language from Latin to modern Spanish.

5357 Syntax and Semantics
The course intends to examine the grammatical structures ofSpanish and English for students who are intermediate to advance learners ofSpanish.

5358 Phonology and Morphology
The course intends to examine the phonological andmorphological structures of Spanish as they relate to English.

5370-71 Spanish for Graduate Students
Reading of intermediate-level Spanish texts. No previouslanguage experience required. Limited to graduate students or to undergraduateby petition. Does not count toward foreign language requirement forundergraduate students.

5388 Topics
A study of an author, work, period, genre, or trend of Hispanic literature or of an aspect of the Spanish language. Topic changes from semester to semester. May be repeated once for credit if topic is different.

5V90 Independent Study
Prerequisite: Consent of division director.

5V99 Thesis