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Language Studies

Language study is an important part of a university education. Baylor University has extensive and technologically superior facilities to help facilitate the acquisition of languages. Students with a serious intent to pursue graduate degrees specializing in Middle East studies should consider taking courses available in the following languages. Baylor's Language Acquisition Center also offers a number of service to students of Arabic, Hebrew, and Turkish.


ARB 1401 - Elementary Modern Standard Arabic I - Introduction to the Arabic language and culture; pronunciation, grammar, conversation, and reading of simple texts.

ARB 1402 - Elementary Modern Standard Arabic II - Continuation of ARB 1401.

ARB 2301 - Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic I - Conversational, composition, cultural readings, and grammar reviews.

ARB 2302 - Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic II - Continuation of ARB 2301

ARB 3302 - Arabic Conversation - This course will be conducted in almost exclusively Arabic.


HEB 1301 - Introductory Hebrew I - An introduction to the orthography, morphology, and syntax of Biblical

Hebrew HEB 1302 - Introductory Hebrew II

Continuation of HEB 1301 - HEB 3301 - Intermediate Hebrew I. Selected readings in the historic prose of the Old Testament with Hebrew composition.

HEB 3302 - Intermediate Hebrew II - Selected readings in the Prophets, Psalter, and Wisdom literature of the

Old Testament - HEB 5309 - Selected Documents from Hebrew Scriptures