Destination: El Salvador

July 1, 2014
This July, Dr. Barron, joined by Dr. Elaine Lambert, a Baylor alumna who practices rheumatology in California, will take a group of 20 students to San Salvador, El Salvador. Dr. Ron Wilson, a Baylor regent who is also a local internist and nephrologist, will be joining us for the trip as well. This will be the second medical mission trip organized by the Medical Humanities Program partnering with Baylor Missions.

We will be hosted by and working with medical students, residents and faculty from Universidad Evangelica de El Salvador (UEES) an evangelical university that is unabashedly Christian in its approach to education and its sense of mission in the world. This trip is not intended to be a short-term medical mission trip but an ongoing partnership with plans to return yearly for at least five years.

Our trip’s mission is to support the Salvadoran physicians and will include activities that provide education and professional development for the Salvadoran physicians and physicians in training. Last year we were able to take $4,000 worth of suture, stethoscopes, thermometers, blood pressure cuffs and other supplies and instruments. These items will be used to train medical students and residents as well as for direct patient care, thus multiplying the effect of the supplies we were able to carry over.

A prevalent medical concern in El Salvador is renal failure, but because of the lack of technology and resources, an overwhelming number of cases end in death. We are hopeful that we can facilitate introductions to researchers at Baylor who will be able to help our Salvadoran colleagues in terms of much needed resources for research.

Many of the students are medical humanities majors, but we have students from other disciplines as well. We are excited to have three students returning from last year’s team: Laura White, Blanca Macareno, and Sean Browning. They will be incredibly valuable team members and our friends and colleagues in El Salvador are excited about seeing them again.
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