Medical Humanities Retreat

Please join us for the 2019 Medical Humanities Retreat on Friday February 8th and Saturday February 9th at DaySpring Baptist Church.  This year’s keynote speaker and honored guest will be Dr. Ray Barfield, a writer, pediatrician, teacher and advocate for children and families in poverty.   Dr. Barfield will reflect on “The Spirituality of Imperfection,” a theme inspired by the Gospel of Luke 7:36-50.   REGISTER HERE:

What does Jesus' encounter in this story have to say to us today? Is there really forgiveness for our failures?  What about imperfection can possibly be inspiring?  How can this passage of scripture inform the work we are called to do and the ways in which we serve?  Come explore these questions with us as we consider Luke 7 in remarks and conversations with Dr. Barfield,  Baylor faculty, and local medical professionals.

Our retreat agenda includes outstanding talks, breakout sessions, personal conversations with faculty and special guests, meals and worship together. We welcome students and faculty from all disciplines and departments of the university.  Please join us for this very special event!   The purpose of Medical Humanities Retreat is to carve out time for reflection and contemplation on the sacred nature of a vocation in medicine.   This retreat, first envisioned by Dr. Mike Attas, has become the heart and soul of the Medical Humanities Program. 

Ray Barfield, MD, PhD is Professor of Pediatrics and Christian Philosophy at the Duke Divinity School.  He came from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, where his research and practice focused on improving immune therapies for childhood cancer and understanding the moral aspects of decision-making in medical research involving children. At Duke he works to at bridging activities in theology and medicine. On the medical side of campus he continues to practice as a pediatric oncologist, and he directs the Pediatric Quality of Life and Palliative Care Program. In the Divinity School he develops courses and programs that address topics at the intersection of theology, philosophy, medicine, and culture. He has over ninety publications in medicine, philosophy, and poetry. His books include The Ancient Quarrel Between Poetry and Philosophy, Life in the Blind Spot, and The Book of Colors.  Dr. Barfield joined the faculties of Duke's Medical School and Divinity School in 2008. He is married to Karen Barfield, who is an Episcopal priest. Ray and Karen have two children, Micah and Alexandra. 

DaySpring Baptist Church is located at 7900 Renewal Way, just off Hwy 6 near Lake Waco.  For more information contact the Medical Humanities Office in the Baylor Science Building at (254) 710-2065