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Marcum Article and pictureDr. James Marcum, professor of philosophy in Baylor's College of Arts and Sciences, believes strongly that competent and comprehensive healing requires thorough knowledge of the science behind the human body's function, as well as a respect for the presonhood of the patient. [View publication]




William G Hoy, DMin, FTFrom "It’s More About Life Than Death: A closer look at the newest Medical Humanities faculty member" Written by: Karoline Argo and David Prindle in 2014's MH Magazine

Dr. William G. (Bill) Hoy spends a lot of time thinking about death.

"Everything I have published in the last 25 years has been about end of life and bereavement," Hoy said. [View Article]




Jeff Levin, Ph.D., MPHThe Medical Humanities Program has introduced a new course this semester that unveils the unconventional topic of spiritual healing. Created and taught by Dr. Jeff Levin, Religious Healing is a course that focuses on a variety of spiritual healers and how medicine and spirituality intersect.

"The intersection between human spirituality, health and healing is typically ignored in western medicine and yet we know that spirituality has so much to do with our well-being and also that faith in general is important to human life. These topics are taboo in secular culture so we miss out on the fullness of what makes a human being a human being," Dr. Levin said. [View Article]





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