What our Students are Saying

"I learned of the Medical Humanities program while searching the Baylor website during my senior year of high school. I had no idea then how grateful I would be for the opportunity to participate in this program. Many schools can teach good science, but few challenge students to acknowledge the other, crucial facets of medicine."

-Jaden Schupp, now at Baylor College of Medicine

"My degree in medical humanities has broadened my perspective and view on the healing process for each one of us as individuals. It has equipped me with various techniques skills and approaches to use and take as I go out into the world and strive to serve others who are struggling, while ultimately serving the Great Physician."

-Julianne Griffith (2013)

"As a medical humanities and biology major, I can confidently say that my undergraduate premedical education has been an intricate and multifaceted effort in a variety of fascinating disciplines. I have learned pathology and physiology are central to the study of medicine but they are not its end. Patients are much more than their pathologies. Courses and experience in the Medical Humanities Program at Baylor have taught me the importance of caring for the whole person, from a perspective that is rooted in empirical science and data as well as empathy, humility and compassion…

I delved deeper into the complex layers of healthcare through my classes at Baylor. My curriculum encompassed a liberal arts education in connection with biological science. I have poured over physiology and dialogued about world religions; discussed medical philosophy and memorized biological structures; contended with complex ethical dilemmas and calculated sensitivity and specificity of diagnostic tests… A degree in medical humanities has helped me become a more well-rounded person with knowledge of various medically related fields. I feel that it has already helped me in my cross-cultural interactions as well as helping me in my current relationships. I feel that in the future it will help me be a more well-rounded physician, especially around patient care, compassion and physician-patient interaction."

-Stephanie Michelle Allen (2013) Completed a Master of Science degree at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine,now attending Baylor College of Medicine.