About Our Program

The Medical Humanities Program at Baylor University is one of a handful of programs of its kind in the country. Our mission, in keeping with the vision of Pro Futuris, is to provide a truly transformational education for students seeking careers in healthcare and the medical arts under the guidance of faculty who are committed to compelling scholarship and dedicated to service.

Our program is breaking ground in a creative way, redefining how undergraduate students who aspire towards careers in healthcare can be educated and equipped, not only with an outstanding foundation in the sciences, but also with a rich exposure to the humanities. It is a truly interdisciplinary program, consisting of courses taught by faculty from many other departments, including English, religion, philosophy, history, sociology, and psychology.

We also offer innovative new courses that focus on the role of Christian spirituality in healthcare, the importance of the relationship between patient and practitioner, and the changing nature of healthcare in the 21st century. Dr. Lauren Barron, director, and a family physician with 20 years of clinical experience has strong ties to the Waco medical community, which has been very supportive of the program and receptive to working with its students. Dr. William G. Hoy, who joined the Medical Humanities program in the Spring of 2012, also brings tremendous experience in palliative care and practical theology.

First established in 2004, we have enjoyed tremendous growth and currently have over 250 students enrolled as majors in our program. The Medical Humanities Program at Baylor provides students with the unique opportunity to consider the ethical and spiritual issues they will encounter in medicine, to explore the deepest meanings of health and healing, and to embrace the sacred nature of a vocation in medicine.

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