Baylor Angel Networks Hosts Investing Seminar

Oct. 7, 2010

The Baylor Angel Network will host "The Power of Angel Investing", an angel investing seminar taking place on Thursday, Oct. 7 at the Hilton Hotel in Waco. The seminar, presented by the Angel Capital Association, will prepare current and prospective angel investors to make the best investment decisions possible.

Baylor angels include alumni and others associated with the Baylor, who are eligible and interested in the opportunity to invest in start-up companies.

The Baylor Angel Network, an arm of the Hankamer School of Business, facilitates and coordinates the connection between the entrepreneur in need of funding and the angel who wants to invests, said Kevin Castello, associate director of the Baylor Angel Network.

"All those attending are looking to increase their understanding of the angel investment process and the best ways to make their investments with the least risk possible," Castello said.

The seminar will explore different facets of angel investing, including how to mitigate risks in a portfolio strategy, evaluating a deal, negotiation and other tools angels need when facing an investment decision.

The Baylor Angel Network is anticipating about 60 attendees, including registered participants, students and panelists. According to seminar coordinators, panelists speaking at the seminar come from various angel networks, venture capital companies and law firms, and have encountered a great deal of exposure in this field and possess a high level of expertise.

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