Short Films Produced as Baylor Projects Have Been Chosen for Screening at Prestigious Dallas Film Festival

March 25, 2011

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Three short films directed by Baylor University students have been selected for screening at the 2011 DALLAS International Film Festival's North Texas College Shorts Showcase.

The films, to be screened at 10:15 p.m. April 4 at Dallas' Magnolia Theatre, are:

Exercise, a horror-thriller produced as a silent film exercise by Jordan Bellamy. It won Best Cinematography Award at the 2010 Black Glasses Film Festival in Austin. It was produced for a directing class taught by Chris Hansen, associate professor and director of Baylor's film and digital media division.

Playhouse, a dramatic short film about how children understand and are affected by the complexities of adult relationships. The film was created for Hansen's field production class and written and directed by Bellamy. It was the winner of the Best Film Award and Audience Choice Award at the 2010 Black Glasses Film Festival.

White Cat, an avant-garde animated film produced and directed by James Cole as an independent study project, was influenced by the Japanese animation studio Manglobe and anime director Satoshi Kon.

Jordan is a Baylor senior currently studying at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland as a University Scholars student emphasizing film and digital media.

Cole, who had a double major of economics and film and digital media, graduated in 2010. His film was made when he was a senior.

"We are very proud of these two filmmakers and the fact that our students' work is garnering such attention from prestigious festivals," Hansen said.

College programs around the state were invited to submit up to three films for the Dallas festival. Others that have been chosen include the University of Texas at Arlington, Dallas Art Institute, Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas at Dallas.

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