User-Friendly People's Law School Returns for Sixth Year

Feb. 14, 2011
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The People's Law School at Baylor University will return for a sixth year from 8:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 19. Hosted by Baylor Law School, the one-day, free event is designed to make the law "user friendly" and to educate members of the community about their legal rights.

The courses focused on useful issues, such as consumer rights, small businesses, landlord/tenant rights, retirement planning, wills, elder law, employment law and family law. In addition to the courses, the first 80 attendees will receive a copy of the book Know Your Rights, written by consumer law expert Richard Alderman.

New courses added this year are E-Commerce, which examines the rights and obligations of a buyer or seller of on-line goods; Law School: How to Get In, which will provide the information needed to apply to law school; and Veterans' Rights, which will provide a better understanding of veteran's rights and benefits and working with the Veteran's Administration. Perennial favorites, such as Wills and Estate Planning, Elder Law and Introduction to the Constitution, also will be taught.

The courses are taught by volunteer attorneys and legal experts. Participants can register for three courses, which will last approximately an hour each.

The People's Law School will be held at the Sheila and Walter Umphrey Law Center on the north side of University Parks Drive on the Baylor campus. To register and for more information, visit and select the People's Law School link or call Baylor Law School at (254) 710-1911.

The courses for this year include:

Buying and Selling Real Estate -- Offer or not???

A look at what buyers and sellers should know about real estate transactions, including the contract of sale, title insurance, the seller's disclosure obligations and related issues.

Debt Collectors and the Law

What rights do debtors have? What is permissible for debt collectors and when do they violate the law? A look at how the law protects consumers from over-zealous debt collectors.

Deceptive Trade Practices Law

A look at the rights and obligations that sellers of goods or services have; a review of the laws that protect buyers who have been sold shoddy goods or services.


What rights and obligations does one have as a buyer or seller of on-line goods? Learn more about it in this course.

Elder Law

A review of consumer scams against the elderly and long term care planning, including Medicaid eligibility.

Employment Law

An overview of the law that governs the employment relationship, including the Fair Labor Standards Act, the employment-at-will doctrine and employment discrimination.

Family Law I

A brief overview of divorce, protective orders and related issues.

Family Law II

A review of the law regarding child custody and visitation duties and rights, child support and grandparent's rights.

Finding the Law

How to find the law; how to use the library and the Internet to find cases, statutes and other law-related items.

Intellectual Property

What is the difference between patent, copyright and trademark? What rights does the owner of a patent, copyright or trademark have and when are those rights infringed?

Introduction to the Constitution

A chance to have a better understanding of the Bill of Rights. This course will provide a basic overview of some of the more frequently discussed provisions of the United States Constitution.

Law: Fact vs. Fiction

How authentic is Hollywood's presentation of the law in television and movies? This course will examine video clips from television and movies and discuss the way the law actually works.

Law School: How to Get In

Whether you are currently in college or contemplating a second career, this course will provide you the information you need if you are considering applying to Baylor or another law school.

Small Business Law

Information for the small business owner, including the difference between sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations and tips to avoid legal pitfalls.

Veterans' Rights

A chance to get a better understanding of veteran's rights and benefits and working with the Veteran's Administration.

Wills and Estate Planning

A look at the requirements of a valid will and basic estate planning techniques.

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