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    Andie Day
Feb. 2, 2011

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Baylor University fashion design major Andrea "Andie" Day will gain some experience in her chosen field on a very different field on Sunday: Cowboys Stadium in Arlington during the Super Bowl.

Day, 21, a Coppell senior, has begun sewing and altering halftime show costumes behind the scenes with an elite handful of costumers from Los Angeles and Dallas. They will clothe some 1,000 dancers and performers who will take to the field and stages to dazzle the fans.

As the youngest costumer -- and the only university student -- Day said the job is "a little intimidating, but it's a great opportunity.

"It's kind of a luck thing, but I have experience, too," said Day, who has been a costumer for six independent feature films in Texas. "It's going to be so cold, and we'll be in tents where we'll dress them. It's not glamorous at all, but I love it."

Day, who is listed in the database of the Texas Association of Film and Tape Professionals, got a phone call in mid-December from halftime show producers, asking if she would be interested in applying for a temporary job working on a halftime show in Arlington in February.

"They didn't say it was the Super Bowl," Day said. She called her mom, Baylor alumna Martha Day, BBA '82, who was on the other line with her son, Baylor alum David Day, MS 2010.

"Andie and I were wondering, 'The Halftime Show. Is it a documentary?'" Martha Day said with a laugh. "Then her brother was yelling, `It's the Super Bowl, Mom! It's the Super Bowl!'"

Day's schedule has been manic for the past two weeks, juggling her classes with treks to Arlington as the costumers fit performers. But Dr. Mary Simpson, a Baylor lecturer in fashion design and merchandising and one of Day's instructors, said the student is up to the Super Bowl challenge.

"Andie is really an example of someone who knows what she wants to do and is willing to pursue that dream, no matter what the sacrifice," Simpson said. "I'm thrilled Baylor has been able to provide her with a sound foundation for a unique opportunity like this."

Andie Day's family, including dad and Baylor alum Tom Day (MBA, '83) will watch the game on television.

"We're a Baylor family, and this has been a fun adventure for all of us," Martha Day said.

Mum's the word on what the costumes will look like, Andie Day said, but "some of them are very complicated. It will be very exciting, with ambitious costumes that require tech guys, too. It's really different."

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