Degree Abbreviations List

Jan. 1, 2004

by Paige Patton, news and information coordinator, (254) 710-3321

College Degree Major LM Program Dropdown Box
AS BA AMS American Studies (BA)
AS BA ANT Anthropology (BA)
AS BS AMTH Applied Mathematics (BS)
AS BA ARC Archaeology (BA)
AS BA ARCH Architecture* (BA)
AS BA ARTH Art History (BA)
AS BA AST Asian Studies (BA)
AS BSA AVS Aviation Sciences (BSAvS)
AS BA BRL Biblical & Related Languages (BA)
AS BA BCHE Biochemistry (BA)
AS BS BCHE Biochemistry (BS)
AS BA BIO Biology (BA)
AS BS BIO Biology (BS)
AS BA BUAD Business Administration (BA)
AS BA CHE Chemistry (BA)
AS BS CHE Chemistry (BS)
AS BA CFS Child & Family Studies (BA)
AS BSFCS CFS Child & Family Studies (BSFCS)
AS BA CLA Classics (BA)
AS BS CLS Clinical Laboratory Science* (BS)
AS BA CSD Communication Sciences & Disorders (BA)
AS BA CS Communication Specialist (BA)
AS BA CSI Computer Science (BA)
AS BFA DES Design (Theater Arts) (BFA)
AS BA ESC Earth Science (BA)
AS BA ECO Economics (BA)
AS BS ECO Economics (BS)
AS BA ENG English (BA)
AS BS ENSC Environmental Science (BS)
AS BA ENV Environmental Studies (BA)
AS BS ENV Environmental Studies (BS)
AS BA FD Fashion Design (BA)
AS BSFCS FD Fashion Design (BSFCS)
AS BA FM Fashion Merchandising (BA)
AS BSFCS FM Fashion Merchandising (BSFCS)
AS BS PFSC Forensic Science* (BS)
AS BA FRS Forestry* (BA)
AS BS FRS Forestry* (BS)
AS BA FRE French (BA)
AS BA GFCS General Family & Consumer Science (BA)
AS BSFCS GFCS General Family & Consumer Science (BSFCS)
AS BA GEOG Geography (BA)
AS BS GEO Geology (BS)
AS BS GPH Geophysics (BS)
AS BA GER German (BA)
AS BA GT Great Tets of the Western Tradition* (BA)
AS BA GRE Greek (BA)
AS BA HIS History (BA)
AS BA ID Interior Design (BA)
AS BSFCS ID Interior Design (BSFCS)
AS BA IST International Studies (BA)
AS BA JOU Journalism (BA)
AS BA ELL Language and Linguistics (BA)
AS BA LAT Latin (BA)
AS BA LAS Latin American Studies (BA)
AS BA MTH Mathematics (BA)
AS BS MTH Mathematics (BS)
AS BA MST Museum Studies (BA)
AS BS MST Museum Studies (BS)
AS BA MUS Music (BA)
AS BS NSC Neuroscience (BS)
AS NDG NMJ No Major (for Non-Degree Seeking Applicants only)
AS BA NUTR Nutrition Sciences (BA)
AS BS NUTR Nutrition Sciences (BS)
AS BSFCS NUTR Nutrition Sciences (BSFCS)
AS BFA PERF Performance (Theater Arts) (BFA)
AS BA PHI Philosophy (BA)
AS BA PHY Physics (BA)
AS BS PHY Physics (BS)
AS BA PSC Political Science (BA)
AS BA PW Professional Writing (BA)
AS BA PSY Psychology (BA)
AS BS PSY Psychology (BS)
AS BA REL Religion (BA)
AS BA RUS Russian (BA)
AS BA SEES Slavic and East European Studies (BA)
AS BSW SWO Social Work (BSW)
AS BA SOC Sociology (BA)
AS BA SPA Spanish (BA)
AS BA CSS Speech Communication (BA)
AS BA SART Studio Art (BA)
AS BFA SART Studio Art (BFA)
AS BA CST Telecommunication (BA)
AS BA THEA Theater Arts (BA)
AS BA UND Undecided, College of Arts & Sciences
AS BA UNSC University Scholars* (BA)
BU BBA PBUS Accounting* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Business Broadcasting* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Business for Secondary Education* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Business Journalism* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Economics* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Entrepreneurship* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Finance* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Financial Services & Planning* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Human Resources Management* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Information Systems* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS International Business* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Management* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Marketing* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Operations Management* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Professional Selling* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Public Administration* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Real Estate* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Regional & Urban Studies* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Risk Management & Insurance* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Sports, Sponsorship, & Sales* (BBA)
BU BBA PBUS Undecided, Hankamer School of Business
ED BSED ATS Athletic Training Sports Medicine (BSED)
ED BSED CHEA Community Healthá (BSED)
ED BSED CSI8 Computer Science grades 8-12 (BSED)
ED BSED EC4G Early Childhood to 4th grade generalist (GSED)
ED BSED ELR4 English Language Arts and Reading grades 4-8 (BSED)
ED BSED ELR8 English Language Arts and Reading grades 8-12 (BSED)
ED BSED GS General Studies (BSED)
ED BSED HFS Health Fitness Studies (BSED)
ED BSED HSS Health Science Studies (BSED)
ED BSED HIS8 History grades 8-12 (BSED)
ED BSED LSC8 Life Science grades 8-12 (BSED)
ED BSED MTH4 Mathematics grades 4-8 (BSED)
ED BSED MTH8 Mathematics grades 8-12 (BSED)
ED BSED PEDA Physical Education All Level (BSED)
ED BSED PHS8 Physical Science grades 8-12 (BSED)
ED BSED REC Recreation (BSED)
ED BSED SCI4 Science grades 4-8 (BSED)
ED BSED SEDA Special Education All Level (BSED)
ED BSED SPA Spanish All Level (BSED)
ED BSED SST4 Social Studies grades 4-8 (BSED)
ED BSED SST8 Social Studies grades 8-12 (BSED)
ED BSED PEDU Undecided, School of Education
EN BSI BINF Bioinformatics (BSI)
EN BSCS CSI Computer Science (BSCS)
EN BSECE ELC Electrical & Computer Engineering (BSECE)
EN BSE EGR Engineering (BSE)
EN BSME MECH Mechanical Engineering (BSME)
EN BSE UND Undecided, School of Engineering & Computer Science
MU BM APM Applied Music (BM)
MU BMED CHO Choral Music (BME)
MU BM CMUS Church Music (BM)
MU BM COMP Composition (BM)
MU BMED INST Instrumental Music (BME)
MU BM MUHL Music History & Literature (BM)
MU BM PPE Pedagogy (BM)
MU BM THE Theory (BM)
MU BM UND Undecided, School of Music
NU BSN PNUR Nursing* (BSN)

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