Name Change Is Approved For Journalism Department

June 17, 2010

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Baylor University's department of journalism officially became the department of journalism and media arts on June 1. The name change was approved by the Office of Academic Affairs and Policy.

"I submitted the request after we decided as a faculty that the new name better reflects the breadth of what we teach," said Dr. Clark Baker, associate professor and chair of the department of journalism and media arts, College of Arts and Sciences.

While the name change does not come with any immediate additions to classes for journalism students, Baker said he anticipates that the department will add courses in the future, particularly in the visual media sector.

"When students think of journalism they tend to think of news editorial, which is a big part of our program, but it is not the only part," Baker said. "We have public relations, media design and photojournalism, to name a few; the new name is a more accurate representation of what the department is."

Baker also said he hopes the new name will have a positive impact on recruitment by attracting a wider range of incoming students to the department.

by Diamond Richardson, student newswriter, (254) 710-6805

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