Graduate Student Will Speak at Emerging Scholars Forum

April 23, 2010

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Graduate student Emily Snider has been chosen for her work in hymnody to give a presentation at the annual Emerging Scholars Forum of the Hymn Society in mid-July. Graduate students were invited to submit their research dealing with an aspect of congregational song.

"I was very excited when I was notified of my being chosen. One of my professional goals is to have an article published in the Society's journal, The Hymn, so I hope this is a step towards that ambition," Snider said.

The Hymn Society is a professional organization that encourages research into hymnody, effective use of congregational song and the writing of new Christian hymns and songs. This year, the forum will be held at Snider's alma mater, Samford University in Birmingham, Ala.

Snider's paper "Hymns and Doctrine: God's Transcendence and Immanence" examines the treatment and presentation of 20th-century hymn writers.

"The hymn writers chosen represent the very best of the New English Renaissance," Snider said.

These include Fred Pratt Green, Fred Kaan, Timothy Dudley-Smith and Brian Wren. Snider's paper evaluates the treatment of this doctrine in the hymns of the selected writers. God's transcendence and immanence is explored through Snider's paper and though this doctrine seems contradictory but are both affirmed in orthodox Christianity as attributes of God she said.

"Some writers seek to balance these qualities, offering texts that emphasize God's transcendence and others that affirm God's immanence. Other writers emphasize one attribute over or even against the other. Discovering how this doctrine is treated in the hymns of these influential writers is the goal of this research."

During her presentation, Snider said she will convey how each of the four hymn writers presents this doctrine in his hymns. Her presentation will also include singing of their representative texts.

Snider's paper was originally written for one of her classes taught by Dr. David Music, professor of Church music and graduate program director in the School of Music.

by Colton Wright, student newswriter, (254) 710-6805

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