Baylor Sustainability Efforts Included in Green Awakenings Campus Report

Feb. 17, 2010

Student-led Christian environmental group releases report featuring environmental initiatives on 52 Christian college campuses

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Baylor University is among 52 Christian colleges and universities highlighted in the Green Awakenings Campus Report, released today by Renewal: Students Caring for Creation, a student-led, Christian environmental group. Renewal is a growing movement of young Christians dedicated to caring for God's creation through mobilizing and equipping their campuses to be better stewards of the environment.

"The report highlights the recycling effort we have undertaken at Baylor athletics events," said Smith Getterman, sustainability coordinator at Baylor. "In two years, Baylor has collected over 16,700 pounds of biodegradable products during sporting events, including more than 267,200 individual plastic bottles."

A growing number of young people believe that Christians have a mandate to care for God's creation, said Ben Lowe, Renewal's coordinator.

"The student generation in particular is stepping up to care for God's creation, but previously little was known about what this movement practically looked like on Christian campuses," said Lowe. "The Green Awakenings Campus Report demonstrates to the world what happens when Christian students and campuses come together to care for Creation. Our two-fold goal is to demonstrate to colleges, churches, and communities how we are working together for the renewal of God's creation, and inspire others to join us."

"Our efforts at Baylor continue to grow," said Getterman, who began at Baylor in fall 2009 as the university's first sustainability coordinator. "The athletics recycling effort began as a combined effort of the university's Sustainability Committee and Baylor Athletics. The environmental science department is instrumental in supporting us through student volunteers and now, student groups throughout the campus, such as Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta and Alpha Tau Omega, among others, have joined in. We expect this project to continue to make a major contribution in sustainable living on the Baylor campus."

The full report is available on the Renewal web site.

Ben Lowe, Renewal: Students Caring for Creation, (630) 777-0271
Jill Scoggins, Baylor University, (254) 710-1964

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