Baylor Statement On Alleged Fraternity Hazing Incident

March 10, 2004

by Larry D. Brumley

Baylor University released a statement today on an alleged hazing incident involving two pledges of a Baylor fraternity:

Late Monday, March 8, the Baylor University department of student activities was notified of an alleged hazing incident involving two pledges of a Baylor fraternity. A family member reported to the department that the students were hospitalized as a result of performing extensive physical activity without rest or water breaks. The day after the alleged incident, the students alerted their pledge master of their conditions, and the pledge master took the students to the hospital. Although serious, the students' conditions are not life-threatening, and each is expected to make a full recovery. One of the two students has been released from the hospital.

On Tuesday, March 9, officials from Baylor's judicial affairs office and student activities department determined after an initial investigation that the fraternity, Kappa Omega Tau, suspend operations until a full investigation could be conducted. Officials also met with the leadership and faculty adviser of KOT, who are fully cooperating with the university.

Baylor also took the unusual step of ending the pledge period for all fraternities at 5 p.m. Tuesday, March 9. Pledging was originally scheduled to conclude on Friday afternoon. Student life staff met with fraternity presidents and pledge educators/trainers to notify them of this change and to answer questions.

Baylor will convene a Fraternity Task Force in the next few weeks to assess the fraternity pledging process.

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