Student Publications Board Issues Statement On Lariat Editorial

March 1, 2004

The Student Publications Board that oversees Baylor's student newspaper, The Lariat, released a statement March 1 concerning a Feb. 27 Lariat editorial on gay marriage:

The Student Publications Board has determined that the editorial published in the Lariat on February 27 ("San Francisco should pursue gay marriage suit") violates university policy as defined in the student handbook, as well as student publications policy. The Student Publications Policy states that "since Baylor University was established and is still supported by Texas Baptists to conduct a program of higher education in a Christian context, no editorial stance of Student Publications should attack the basic tenets of Christian theology or of Christian morality." Clearly, the editorial published on Feb. 27 is inconsistent with this policy. The guidelines have been reviewed with the Lariat staff, so that they will be able to avoid this error in the future.

March 2 Lariat

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