Baylor University, Baylor College Of Medicine To Receive $19.4 Million From Proceeds Of McLean Trust

May 1, 2003

by Larry D. Brumley

Baylor University will receive approximately $19.4 million this month when the Marrs and Verna McLean Foundation Trust is dissolved and proceeds distributed to several Texas educational institutions. One-third of Baylor's proceeds from the dissolution will be distributed for the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, which also has benefited from the trust's income over the years.

Established in May 1953 by the late Marrs McLean of Beaumont, the trust has funded a number of key Baylor University programs over the last half century. The family name is found on several campus facilities, including the Marrs McLean Science Building, the Rena Marrs McLean Gymnasium and the McLean Foyer of Meditation in the world-renowned Armstrong Browning Library. At the Baylor College of Medicine, which was a division of Baylor University until 1969, the biochemistry department is named for the McLean family.

"For almost a third of our history, the McLean family name has been associated with many prominent Baylor University buildings, clearly demonstrating the tremendous impact their generosity has had on the University," said Baylor University President Robert B. Sloan Jr. "Baylor will be forever grateful to Marrs McLean, Verna McLean, Rena Marrs McLean, Ruth McLean Bowers and the rest of this legendary Texas family for the tremendous influence they have had on higher education in our state. In the years to come, the McLean gift will help the University achieve the aspiration of becoming one of America's great universities as called for in Baylor 2012, our 10-year vision."

"The McLean family and the Marrs and Verna McLean Foundation have been instrumental in furthering scientific understanding of the biochemical bases for illness through their support of Baylor College of Medicine's Verna and Marrs McLean Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology," said Dr. Peter G. Traber, president and CEO at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. "Each year, a lectureship named in their honor provides new insight for investigators into the latest advances in key research areas related to this discipline. The college is thankful for their vision and their support."

Baylor College of Medicine - the only private medical school in the Greater Southwest - is an independent, nonsectarian, nonprofit corporation organized under a self-perpetuating board of trustees.

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