Multicultural Student Leadership Summit Set for Oct. 10

Oct. 9, 2009

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Baylor's Multicultural Student Leadership Summit is holding its third annual leadership seminar at 9 a.m. Saturday in Cashion Business Center.

The seminar consists of workshops on cultural identity, organizational empowerment and several round table discussion topics, "and provides student leaders with the tools they need to be able to lead in a multicultural society," said Ramona Curtis, director of the Academy for Leader Development and Civic Engagement. Curtis, who is coordinating the seminar, said Jimmy Dorrell of Mission Waco will speak in the afternoon on the event's theme "A Call to Citizenship: Who's Your Neighbor" and Luke 10:27.

The morning will begin with meetings on cultural identity with a choice of four different workshops. The second session covers topics on organizational empowerment. After a break for lunch, Dorrell will give his speech and the day will close with round table topics ranging from "Budgeting for Student Organizations" to '"Leadership within a Christian Context."

The event will give students a "broader world view about this whole idea of leadership," Curtis said. It is open to the entire campus and Curtis is hopeful that all student leaders will attend, not just the multicultural student leaders. "We are really hoping our student organizations will come," Curtis said.

Members of Baylor's faculty, staff or student body will facilitate event workshops. "This conference has been a conference of collaboration between faculty, staff, students and regents," Curtis said.

Curtis also has high hopes of expanding the seminar in the future. "We look forward to inviting other students from other higher educational campuses in Waco and eventually developing into a regional conference."

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by Meaghan Ortolf, student newswriter, (254) 710-4693

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