Baylor University Presents Proposal to Baylor Alumni Association

Sept. 21, 2009

BAA invited to join the University to enhance Baylor alumni relations

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The complete proposal is available online at this link.

Baylor University has presented a formal proposal to the Board of Directors of the Baylor Alumni Association (BAA), inviting the association to become fully part of an integrated alumni relations office within the university, rather than exist as an independent organization separate from Baylor. The proposal was presented during the board's Sept. 19 meeting in Waco.

"The Baylor University Board of Regents and Administration are deeply appreciative of the extraordinary contributions Baylor alumni have made throughout the university's history," said Baylor Interim President David E. Garland and Baylor Board of Regents Chair Dary Stone in the proposal presented to the BAA. "We want to move forward in the best interests of Baylor, which we believe involves having Baylor's alumni activities as part of the university itself, rather than an independent entity. We should speak with a united voice in support of Baylor's mission, challenges and opportunities, and accomplishments."

The university's proposal, which is based upon a thorough analysis of best practices in alumni relations nationally, asks the BAA to discontinue its independent 501(C)(3) status and become part of a new Baylor Alumni Association within Baylor's Division of University Development. Members of the BAA staff would have the opportunity to become employees of the university with the same benefits as all other Baylor employees. With official standing within the university, the BAA also would have a recognized voice in decisions impacting Baylor.

"National surveys of Baylor alumni show that graduates are proud of the university and favorable of the direction in which it is heading. Alumni want an association that will demonstrate in its work a love for and commitment to helping Baylor move forward and one that will provide alumni opportunities to participate in the university's progress," said Baylor Regent Bob Beauchamp, who presented the proposal at the BAA board meeting. "I appreciated having the opportunity to present this proposal to the BAA board. Baylor is eager to work to establish a more robust alumni relations program and to ensure it is the finest and most effective alumni outreach effort in the nation. It is Baylor's ultimate goal and intention to reach and involve all Baylor alumni in furthering the university's mission, and we hope the BAA will decide to join us in this important effort."

Beauchamp said Baylor University and its alumni need and deserve an effective alumni association that engages university graduates for the purpose of advancing university goals, raising funds to aid students and academic programs, calling forth ambassadors who will represent proudly the university in their circles of influence and providing opportunities for alumni to benefit from a relationship with their alma mater and with one another.

"We are excited about the proposal we've put forward. We believe it meets the needs of the university and the association and represents the kind of organization that Baylor alumni deserve," Garland and Stone said in the proposal. "We are blessed to have wonderful and supportive alumni. We believe they are ready, willing and able to become more involved in Baylor's future if we can reach them more effectively and provide to them the infrastructure that will permit them to participate in a more meaningful way in the life of the university. This can be accomplished if we work together with common goals and shared resources."


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