Baylor Model United Nation Team Takes Best Delegation

Nov. 12, 2003

by Haley L. Wright

Baylor University's Model United Nations team earned the Best Delegation award and more than half of the delegates returned with individual honors after competing at the University of Pennsylvania Model United Nation Conference Nov. 5-9.

Baylor's team competed against 50 universities from across the nation including universities such as Stanford, Georgetown, University of Chicago, Princeton and Yale.

The Baylor team has a distinguished record of individual and overall team awards, but this is the first Best Delegation award at the University of Pennsylvania Conference in the team's history.

The Best Delegation award is based on the cumulative number of individual awards received by team members plus the overall performance of the entire team. Of the 12 delegates, seven won individual awards. Those receiving awards were Chris Allen, Rosica Popova and Musheer Kamau for Best Delegate, Steve Lichty and Sushmita Dhar for Honorable Mention, Sam Murchie for Outstanding Delegate and Angela Hackett and Raymond Fogg for Verbal Accolade.

The remaining team members include Sharad Bhushan, Abby Forster, Kelli Hinz and Tim Kuhl. The team was accompanied by their new faculty sponsor, Dr. Andrew Konitzer-Smirnov, visiting assistant professor of political science.

"Three factors contributed to the success of our team," said Konitzer-Smirnov. "First we had a strong group of returning veterans along with an extremely talented Head Delegate. Second, we were blessed by an outstanding group of newcomers - some of the best the team has seen in years. Third, we reaped the fruits of the previous leadership - strong organizations don't spring out of the ground overnight."

In February 2004, the Baylor team will travel to Boston to compete in the Harvard University National Model United Nations competition.

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