'Green Team' Leads Move-In Recycling Effort

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    Before move-in began, Smith Getterman, Sustainability Coordinator for Baylor, met with the student volunteers to go over the details for the day's events and share the department's message of the importance of caring for God's creation.
Sept. 2, 2009

Baylor Shatters August Recycling Record

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Baylor University took another step forward in its efforts in to become a more sustainable campus during Move-In 2009. With the help of more than 40 student volunteers from the Entrepreneurship ELG (Engaged Learning Group), move-in day recycling efforts were more effective than ever, said Smith Getterman, Baylor's sustainability coordinator.

Decked out in green bandannas that read "The Green Team," student volunteers helped educate and assisted parents and incoming freshmen with recycling disposal as they moved their belongings into campus residence halls.

Prior to move-in, students had already received tips and other information on how to make the move-in process more environmentally friendly, Getterman said. Students in residence halls also received an in-room mixed-use recycling box to recycle materials throughout the year.

"This year during move-in, we surpassed the goal of 10 tons by getting 10.6 tons of recycling, which was around 3,000 pounds more than we had last year. That's a lot of improvement in just two days," he said. "Mary Abrahams and the ELG students, as well as all of our partners across campus, were vital to our success, and they were instrumental in sharing the department's message of the importance of caring for God's creation."

In addition, Getterman said Baylor's overall recycling efforts for August as compared to a year ago more than doubled. In August 2008, Baylor recycled 36,400 lbs, or 18.2 tons. This August, Baylor recycled 77,540 lbs or 38.77 tons.

"All of this is great momentum for this school year and shows that what we're doing and in the process of doing is working," he said.

For more information about Baylor's Sustainability efforts, go to https://www.baylor.edu/sustainability.

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