Injured Receive Help From Baylor Life Enrichment Program

July 13, 2009

by Nincy Mathew, student newswriter, (254) 710-6805

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With more than one million head-injuries occurring every year in the United States, some recover quickly and others suffer from brain injuries and strokes that affect the way everyday activities are performed, such as walking, talking and completing self care tasks. But now, a Baylor University program is helping those with these ailments.

Baylor's Life Enrichment Program includes four weeks of group and individual therapy sessions aimed at helping these people find new ways of performing the activities they enjoy as they recover from brain injuries or strokes.

The program begins Monday, July 13 and runs until August 6. All sessions are held on Baylor campus. This is the second year the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department is putting on this program. The program's focus is communication.

"This doesn't just mean verbal communication, but reading, writing and sign language as well," said Dr. Donna Powell, director of the Life Enrichment Program at Baylor. "What is unique about the program is that we bring communication into everyday activities in hopes of enriching the clients' lives."

Clients ranged from 29 to 80 years of age last year. Those that attend are referred by physicians and speech pathologists from Waco are and are clients of the Baylor Speech, Hearing and Language Center. Clients receive both group and individual therapy sessions.

Powell said that every client is evaluated for an appropriate therapy plan that is individualized to each client's needs. There is a minimal fee to attend the program but scholarships are available.

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