Baylor Law School Claims Highest Bar Pass Rate on Texas Exam

May 1, 2009

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For the 12th time since 2001, Baylor Law School students claimed the top pass rate on the Texas State Bar Exam with 97.06 percent success rate, the highest pass rate for students from the nine Texas law schools. Of the 34 Baylor students who took the three-day exam in February, 33 passed on their first try.

The overall state pass rate was 77.26 percent, with 547 successful candidates out of 708 who took the exam for the first time. The University of Houston was second behind Baylor with an 89.19 percent pass rate, while Texas Tech was third with an 88.57 percent pass rate.

"This is yet again proof that our longstanding approach of integrating the teaching of legal theory with practical skills training is a model for legal education that works," said Baylor Law Dean Brad Toben. "Thanks go to each person on our team, within and outside our school, who by their hard work, support and encouragement make the ever-continuing successes in our program possible."

Baylor Law School has an unsurpassed record of success on the State Bar Exam, which is given twice a year and qualifies a candidate to practice law in Texas. Baylor Law School had a 95.83 percent success rate on the February 2008 exam; a 97.85 percent success rate on the July 2007 exam; a 100 percent pass rate on the February 2007 exam; and also the highest pass rate for the exams given in 2006.

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