Baylor Students Step into Service April 4

April 3, 2009

by Lauren Venegas, student newswriter, (254) 710-6805

Steppin' Out, Baylor University's biannual day of service, will take place Saturday, April 4, from noon to 8 p.m. at various locations throughout the Waco community.

Steppin' Out strives to enhance student involvement in community service, as well as interaction and collaboration between the Baylor and Waco community.

Sponsored by the department of student activities and supported by the Baylor/Waco Foundation, Steppin' Out seeks to provide opportunities for experiential learning, civic leadership and social responsibility.

"Steppin' Out is intended to be a 'first step' into service," said Matt Schnarr, director of the steering committee for Steppin' Out. "It gives students an opportunity to step outside of the Baylor campus and experience a part of Waco that they might not always see."

The steering committee consists of 12 student members who work on the program year-round. The committee works closely with many social service agencies, schools, churches and individuals in the community to find places for the students to serve.

In addition, the committee promotes Steppin' Out on the Baylor campus to get as many students involved as possible. This year more than 3,000 students are expected to volunteer--an increase of about 500 participants since last year.

"This year we have really been pushing for increasing awareness of the need in Waco to the general student body, in hopes that the awareness will lead to action," Schnarr said. "Our main goal is to build bridges, big and small, between the Baylor campus and the Waco community and create opportunities for intentional, prolonged service."

For more information, contact the department of student activities at (254) 710-2371 or visit

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