Michael Korpi Named Senior Research Fellow At IC2 Institute

Sept. 26, 2003

Dr. Michael Korpi, professor and chair of the department of communication studies at Baylor University, has been named a Senior Research Fellow at the IC2 Institute at the University of Texas.

IC2 Fellows engage in a broad range of activities which include participating with IC2 in national and international research and consulting projects; helping to organize and contribute to conferences, seminars, and workshops affiliated with the Institute; forming discussion groups on research topics of interest; and contributing to the Institute's publishing activities in books, monographs, journal articles and the IC2 Working Paper Series.

The Institute welcomed its first Fellow in 1977 and has built this global, virtual knowledge network to include 216 established and emerging leaders from academia, business and government. Currently, IC2 has 155 Fellows from the United States and 61 International Fellows.

An award-winning film maker, Korpi has produced and directed documentaries on a wide range of topics from automobile racing to world hunger. He also conducts research dealing with new communication technologies such as high definition television, nonlinear editing systems, digital cinema and video games.

A graduate of Liberty University and the University of Iowa, Korpi has taught at Baylor since 1982.

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