First Lady Anita Perry To Announce New Texas Conference For Women Scholarship Program

June 13, 2003

First Lady Anita Perry will announce a new scholarship program made possible by the Texas Conference for Women during a news conference at 1 p.m. Monday, June 16, in Kronzer Great Hall at the Baylor University Hughes Dillard Alumni Center located at 1212 South University Parks Drive. Baylor First Lady Sue Sloan also will participate in the news conference.

The scholarships, co-sponsored by State Farm Bank, will help to partially fund the academic pursuits of young women striving towards professional excellence in the fields of business, education, health care and math, science & technology.

The Texas Conference for Women is an annual event sponsored by the Governor and First Lady of Texas aimed at providing Texans with educational and inspirational seminars from women at the top of the fields from across the country. Since its inception in 2000, the Texas Conference for Women has evolved in size and scope, growing to more than 4,000 participants last year. The Texas Conference for Women has speakers and seminars that appeal to participants of all ages, but the "Young Women's Track," designed to engage teenagers and young adults with contemporary issues, is consistently among the most popular.

Young women today have more opportunities than ever, particularly in the rapidly evolving technology sector where math and science skills are essential. Still, according to the National Science Foundation, while women represent 46 percent of the overall workforce, they represent only 25 percent of the technology workforce. The Governor's Office and the Texas Conference for Women hope to increase the presence of women in up-and-coming fields by providing year-round support to young women pursuing their individual academic goals.

"By recognizing and supporting the academic achievements of young women, the Texas Conference for Women is ensuring that future generations have the skills they need to take a leading role in fields such as technology," said First Lady Anita Perry. "And regardless of the field they choose, academic achievement leads to greater economic security and a better quality of life for the young women of Texas - something all Texans stand to benefit from."

For more information on the scholarship program as well as the fourth annual Texas Conference for Women, scheduled for October 1, 2003, visit

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