Baylor Business Students To Offer Stock Picks On CNBC's 'Power Lunch'

April 8, 2003

by Cynthia J. Jackson

Tune in to CNBC at noon (eastern time) on April 30 to see Baylor business students Tyson Strauser, Jake Trousdale and Alex Gwynn on "Power Lunch." The students from the Finance 5381 "Practicum in Portfolio Management" class will appear live on the show to present their stock picks. The class manages Baylor's Phil Dorr & Alumni Endowed Investment Fund.

"The Phil Dorr Endowed Investment Fund is a very mission-driven program," said Dr. Terry Maness, dean of the Hankamer School of Business. "Our mission calls for us to engage students in active learning -- this program really does that. You can read about it and you can write papers, but until you are actually managing real money and being held accountable for it -- there's just no comparison."

Brian Bruce, director and head of equity investments at PanAgora Asset Management in Boston, is a visiting professor at Baylor and primary instructor of the course. Dr. Bill Reichenstein, professor of finance and holder of The Pat and Thomas R. Powers Chair of Investment Management, is the on-campus co-teacher.

"This course has a rigorous framework... but it is essential for first-hand knowledge of the industry," Reichenstein said.

In addition to learning from Bruce and Reichenstein, who are experts in stock picking and asset allocation respectively, the students also benefit from the knowledge shared by many other industry leaders. The class's list of investment advisors reads like a "Who's Who" of Wall Street, and outside presentations by representatives from top investment firms, like Goldman-Sachs, are part of the curriculum.

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