WNIT Championship Game To Be Streamed Live On BaylorTV.com

April 3, 2003

If you can't make it to the Ferrell Center for Friday's Women's National Invitation Tournament championship game between Auburn and Baylor, you can view the game live at no charge on BaylorTV.com.

Following the tipoff at 8 p.m., viewers will experience all the action from the Ferrell Center's television cameras, with audio provided by Baylor's radio broadcast of the game. A test stream of the WNIT semifinal game between Baylor and Colorado State was well-received with more than 150 people watching the live event on their computers.

The event will be available in a broadband version for cable modem and DSL users, as well as a smaller version for dialup users. Network conditions and user computer configuration may affect the video streams, especially for dialup users.

Other BaylorTV.com Features

In addition to the live streaming of events, the BaylorTV.com web site provides viewers four easy-to-navigate channels of content: Athletics, News and Events, Conferences and Symposia, and Baylor 2012.

The Athletics channel gives viewers an easy way to keep up with all of Baylor's 17 scholarship sports. All episodes of "Inside Baylor Sports" are archived on BaylorTV.com. In addition, Director of Broadcasting John Morris gives Baylor fans a daily dose of sports happenings with his special Internet-version of the "Baylor Sportsbeat."

The News and Events channel includes such content as video tours of the Baylor Sciences Building and the recently dedicated Stacy Riddle Forum, Baylor news conferences and the 2002 Homecoming parade.

The Conferences and Symposia channel provides viewers with the opportunity to see and hear the many distinguished lecturers who visit Baylor each year.

The Baylor 2012 channel keeps viewers up-to-date on the progress of Baylor 2012 as the university seeks to fulfill the imperatives of the 10-year vision. The 2012 channel features an up-close look at the various construction projects on campus, the latest video that visitors see when they step into the Wiethorn Visitors Center on campus, and "Postcards from Baylor," a seven-minute production on Baylor's significant honors and achievements from fall 2002 through February 2003.

BaylorTV.com also archives special programming produced by KWBU-TV, such as spotlights on local non-profit organizations and local history snapshots.

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