Baylor Student Publications Bring in 50 Awards This Spring

April 11, 2008

Recently, the Baylor University department of student publications received 50 awards in competitions held by the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association (TIPA). The Baylor Lariat, Round Up yearbook and Focus magazine were awarded eight first place, 13 second place, 15 third place and 14 honorable mention awards.

The Society of Professional Journalists presents Mark of Excellence Awards annually honoring the best in student journalism. This year, collegiate journalists submitted more than 3,400 entries across 12 regions. Baylor University, competing in Region 8 (Texas and Oklahoma), brought in nine awards with four entries advancing to the national competition.

Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Awards

Region 8 (Texas and Oklahoma)

* First-place winners in this competition advance to the national round.

*First place - Claire St. Amant and Melissa Limmer, breaking news reporting

*First place - Claire St. Amant, Grace Maalouf and Brad Briggs, editorial writing

*First place - Ben Humeniuk, editorial cartoon

*First place - Daniel Youngblood (Focus magazine), magazine nonfiction article

Second place - Abbie Rosen, breaking news photo

Third place - Brad Briggs and Grace Maalouf, in-depth reporting

Third place - Brian Bateman, sports writing

Third place - Abbie Rosen, photo illustration

Third place - Justin Baer, online sports reporting

Texas Intercollegiate Press Association Awards

Texas Intercollegiate Press Association is the oldest and one of the most respected collegiate press associations in the nation. TIPA announced its award winners during the organization's annual conference held April 3-5 in College Station.

Lariat - 18 awards

First place - Grace Maalouf, headline writing

Second place - Lariat staff, overall excellence

Second place - Claire St. Amant, editorial writing

Second place - Kate Boswell, general column writing

Second place - Aileen Wong, feature story

Second place - Henry Chan, picture story

Second place - Will Parchman, sports column writing

Third place - Chris Stone, news feature

Third place - Will Parchman, sports feature story

Third place - Kelly Coleman, sports page design

Third place - Brad Briggs, headline writing

Third place - Jill Auxier, feature page design

Honorable mention - Tessa Shockey, news feature

Honorable mention - Ben Humeniuk, editorial cartoon

Honorable mention - Grace Maalouf, single subject presentation

Honorable mention - Abbie Rosen, news photo

Honorable mention - Grace Maalouf, page one design

Honorable mention - Brad Briggs, opinion page design

Focus magazine - 7 awards

First place - Daniel Youngblood, news feature

Second place - Focus staff, story package

Second place - Matthew Waller and Lauren Hightower, overall design

Third place - Matthew Waller and Lauren Hightower, cover design

Third place - Ben Humeniuk, illustration

Third place - Focus staff, overall excellence

Honorable mention - Jon Schroeder, picture story

Round Up yearbook - 14 awards

First place - David Poe, sports action photo

First place - Jessica Dooley, class/people page spread

Second place - Heather Fogt, student life copy

Second place - Ryan Brinson, academics copy

Second place - Melinda Henderson, sports story package

Second place - Ryan Brinson, academics package

Third place - Heather Fogt, student life copy

Third place - Round Up staff, photo essay

Third place - Heather Fogt, information graphic

Honorable mention - Melea Burke, sports feature photo

Honorable mention - Amy Hall, organizations copy

Honorable mention - Daniel Youngblood, sports copy

Honorable mention - Meghan Giddens, organizations package

Honorable mention - Melinda Henderson and Meghan Giddens, cover design

At the TIPA spring convention, students also compete in on-site contests under deadline. Winners were recognized at the convention awards banquet.

On-site competitions, College Station

Honorable mention - Lariat, best of show

Honorable mention - Luis Noble, news photo

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