CASPER Brings World-Class Seminar Speakers to Baylor

Jan. 28, 2008

The Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics and Engineering Research (CASPER) at Baylor University will welcome seminar speakers this semester on Fridays at 2 p.m. in room A236 of the Baylor Sciences Building on the Baylor campus.

CASPER is an official Baylor center existing around a formal partnership between Baylor University and Texas State Technical College Waco. The center conducts fundamental research in physics and engineering, offers educational opportunities for students from first grade through graduate school, and conducts outreach impacting more than 2,000 students annually through its Physics Circus.

"These seminars give students and faculty the opportunity to connect with world-class scientists and Nobel Laureates," said Dr. Truell W. Hyde, vice provost of research at Baylor and director of CASPER. "The chance to interact with such a person is invaluable, particularly for students, and it provides them with an expanded world-view and new networking opportunities."

Hyde said this semester of seminars will continue the tradition of a variety of outstanding speakers with exciting topics to share. Hyde noted speakers Bill Borucki, David Dooley and Greg Earle as some highlights in particular.

Bill Borucki, a space scientist at NASA Ames Research Center, will speak about space exploration at 4 p.m., Feb. 26. Borucki is the principal investigator on the Kepler mission launched by NASA last year. The mission hopes to determine the frequency of Earth-size planets in the habitable zone of solar-like stars.

Dr. David Dooley, provost, vice president for academic affairs and professor of chemistry at Montana State University, will speak at 3:45 p.m., April 10, in room D109 of the Baylor Sciences Building.

Dr. Gregory Earle, professor of physics and affiliated professor of electrical engineering at University of Texas at Dallas, will speak April 18.

The full list of speakers includes:

Jan. 25 Kurt Swogger, Dow Chemical Company

Feb. 1 Victor Land, Utrecht University

Feb. 8 Matt Hejduk, Titan Corporation

Feb. 15 Dr. Darrin Bellert, Baylor professor of chemistry

Feb. 22 Lauren Dreyer, SpaceX

Feb. 26 Bill Borucki, NASA (Special Time/Location)

March 28 Physics Circus

April 4 Physics Circus

April 10 Dr. David Dooley, Montana State University

April 18 Dr. Gregory Earle, UT Dallas

April 25 TBA

For more information, contact Dr. Hyde at (254) 710-3763 or click here.

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