Baylor Law School Featured in The Princeton Review's 'Best 170 Law Schools' Guide

Oct. 10, 2007

Contact: Julie Carlson, Baylor Law School, (254) 710-6681

The Princeton Review, the New York-based education services company, praised Baylor Law School's practical approach to legal education in its 2008 edition of the "Best 170 Law Schools."

"Best 170 Law Schools" has two-page profiles of the schools with write-ups on their academics, student life and admissions, plus ratings for their academics, selectivity and career placement services. In the profile on Baylor Law School, Princeton Review editors describe the school as one that "embraces a practical approach and is thorough in teaching students all the essentials of practicing law."

In the guide, a third-year law student reported, "Other schools teach you about the law and leave it up to firm to make you a lawyer. But at Baylor you really become one before you have 'JD' at the end of your name."

The profile on Baylor Law School singled out the Practice Court program, with one student commenting, "I don't know how any new lawyer who hasn't gone through (Practice Court) would ever know where to begin in the courtroom; I feel well prepared to be a trial lawyer."

Other student comments describe professors as "drill instructors" who "are not afraid to push students to realize their full potential," but add that professors are "always willing to help, even with problems outside of their particular classes."

Still another student said Baylor Law School "has the finest facilities in Texas - not just for a law school, but for any educational institution."

The law school guide also lists Baylor law students as the second most competitive in the nation, after Brigham Young University. The category is based on "law student assessment of the number of hours they spend studying outside of class each day, the number of hours they think their fellow law students spend studying outside of class each day, the degree of competitiveness among law students at their school, and the average number of hours they sleep each night."

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