Baylor Student Makes Her Mark With a Fashion Internship

Aug. 29, 2007

by Rebekah Hardage, student newswriter, (254) 710-6805

Jessica Hill, a Baylor University senior fashion design major from Charlotte, N.C., recently participated in a 10-week internship with fashion production agency [TC]² this summer that allowed her to give her knowledge from the classroom a practical application.

Hill's internship was classified as a study internship because of the agency's focus on research and education. She attended lectures and toured apparel manufacturing facilities where she saw her classroom experience come to life.

Hill also worked to design clothes based on scanned body measurements, which allowed her to customize each garment for the customer. "[The internship] has changed my designs, as they are better oriented to the consumer demands and end uses and more friendly to mass production," she said. "These skills will not only help me in my classes, but in my career."

[TC]² is a non-profit company in the sewn products industry based in Cary, N.C. They are committed to continual improvement of the apparel and soft good industry.

Dr. Judith Lusk, a professor in the family and consumer sciences department at Baylor, knew Jessica had the qualities to be a good fit with [TC]². "She is very curious, good at research, a problem solver, has a strong interest in understanding how the industry functions," Lusk said.

For more information about [TC]², please visit their web site at

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