Torchbearers Society to Be Honored by Baylor Alumni Association

July 3, 2007

by Judy Prather, Baylor Alumni Association, (254) 710-6431

On July 14, the Baylor Alumni Association will honor the 2007 members of the Torchbearers Society during a luncheon for Torchbearer members and directors of the association. The event will begin at noon at the Galloway Suite at Floyd Casey Stadium.

The Torchbearers Society is a category of membership created in 2002 in response to life members who asked for a way to provide annual support of the Baylor Alumni Association, which will celebrate its sesquicentennial in 2009. The society's name refers to the famous challenge to graduates by former Baylor president Samuel Palmer Brooks, "To you, I hand the torch."

Members of the Torchbearers Society are given the opportunity to pay tribute to up to ten family, friends, and former professors, who are recognized in the fall issue of the Baylor Line, the magazine of the Baylor Alumni Association. Tribute recipients who are not already members of the Baylor Alumni Association also receive a one-year membership.

For more information about the Torchbearers Society or other levels of membership in the alumni association, contact the Baylor Alumni Association at (254) 710-1121 or go to

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