The Last 'Snow Day?'

  • News Photo 1186
    The "frozen tundra" in front of Alexander Hall.
  • News Photo 1185
    Ice-covered cars across from Memorial.
  • News Photo 1184
    The view of Pat Neff Hall from a sleet-covered Founders Mall.
  • News Photo 1183
    A few Baylor students braved the cold temperatures and icy sidewalks during a rare "snow day" on Feb. 25.
March 11, 2003

Snow days are rare occurrences in Central Texas.

On Feb. 25, the Baylor University campus was closed after ice and sleet caused hazardous driving conditions in Waco and throughout much of Texas.

Despite the wintry weather, there was some activity on the campus. Seventy of 74 people made the icy trek to Baylor Law School for the first day of the three-day Texas State Bar Exam. It was also business as usual for the brave souls who slid their way to Professor Bill Underwood's practice court class.

The last "snow day" that led to the cancellation of classes occurred on the first day of the spring semester in January 1997.

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